Terms and conditions

1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions

By making a booking on www.anglotransfers.com, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions presented herein.

If you are booking on behalf of a third party, you warrant that you have the legal authority and capacity to accept all the terms and conditions on their behalf.

If you do not agree with any of the terms or conditions, please refrain from making a booking.

2. Who we are

The owner of www.anglotransfers.com for legal purposes is Universo Simsy SL (hereinafter, anglotransfers), with NIF-VAT ESB87274742, located in Avda Peseta, 70, 28054 Madrid, and can be contacted on admin@anglotransfers.com.

anglotransfers is not a private vehicle operator but acts merely as a booking agent.

3. What we are

anglotransfers is a management entity that operates solely as a booking agent, payment processor and client liaison for collaborating fleets and private hire operators (hereinafter referred to as the "service provider"). anglotransfers is not a travel agency or transportation company.

The contract for the private transportation service is established directly between the client and the service provider assigned.

As an intermediary agent, anglotransfers facilitates the payment of services by the client on behalf of the assigned service provider, which means that payments made by the client are deemed to be directly received by the service provider.

4. Duration of the contract

The contract for the private transportation service, subject to the terms and conditions presented herein, will become binding and be deemed accepted by all parties upon receipt of the booking confirmation email (the receipt of payment or any other document will not constitute proof of a binding agreement).

The contact will be considered terminated upon the completion of the service.

5. Bookings

When entering the details of an itinerary, anglotransfers will always display the most economical option that meets the client's requirements.

The rental of a vehicle with driver is for the total capacity of the vehicle (service not shared with anyone else) and the prices presented include taxes and tolls for the selected itineray.

The client warrants that they are at least 18 years of age and that is providing true, accurate, current and complete information regarding their identity and required services. The client alone is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information they provide and shall bear the consequences of any errors therein.

It is strictly prohibited to provide private transportation services to minors under 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult passenger.

In the event that the requested service cannot be fulfilled for any reason, the client will be notified as soon as possible, and the payment made will be refunded in full. anglotransfers will be released from any obligation to the client as a result.

The client must acknowledge and confirm receipt of all emails and notifications sent by anglotransfers. If the client fails to confirm receipt, anglotransfers' server records will be considered sufficient proof of delivery.

The client agrees to keep their contact phone number provided in the booking form available and functional at all times, as it is the only way the assigned driver or Operador providing the service can contact the client in case of any mishap.

If the client requests an intermediate stop or their pick up/destination address is outside central London, a surcharge may apply. Its amount will be communicated to the client once the booking request has been received and reviewed. The client will be given the option to accept the surcharge and proceed with their booking, or cancel the booking request and obtain a full refund.

For airport pick ups, it is recommended to make one booking per flight. If a booking is made for a group of passengers coming in multiple flights and one flight is delayed, a parking surcharge will be applied to compensate for the wait. If the delay exceeds 30 minutes, anglotransfers does not guarantee that the driver can wait for the rest of the passengers due to organizational reasons and the client will assume all possible consequences.

anglotransfers does not guarantee that all particular requirements indicated in the observations of a booking request will be taken into account, but commits to doing everything possible to meet them.

anglotransfers only accepts reservations made through this website made at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled service time and is not to be held responsible for bookings made through other means or by third parties.

6. Payments

All the services must be prepaid in full at the time of booking.

anglotransfers will collect the payments on behalf of the service provider.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard) through the payment platform enabled by anglotransfers and provided by Redsys. Redsys has the highest and strictest PCI level 1 security level and complies with all current regulations and legal standards. For greater security, anglotransfers has an encrypted connection using TLS 1.2, encrypted with 256-bit encoding and verified by Let's Encrypt Authority X3. No card details (card number, expiration date, and security code) are stored on anglotransfers servers.

Tips are not included in the price. The customer may give a voluntary cash tip to the driver at their discretion.

7. Invoices

Full VAT invoices for the services provided can be downloaded through my bookings after the service has been provided.

8. Airport pick ups

The driver will wait for the client in the arrivals hall of the airport, properly identified and holding a sign with the client's name.

The driver will monitor the flight and will show up in the arrivals hall of the airport around 30 minutes after the scheduled landing time and not earlier, as this is the average time it takes to disembark and go through customs.

The driver will wait for free up to 60 minutes from landing time. After that, a parking surcharge will apply.

If no notice is received from the client after 90 minutes from landing time, the service will cancelled due to client's no-show.

In turn, if in the unlikely event that the driver arrives late and takes more than 60 minutes from landing time to pick up the clients without demonstrable justification, anglotransfers will refund the client 10% of the booking cost as compensation for the wait - provided a complaint from the client is received.

If the plane lands before its scheduled time, the scheduled landing time will be considered the actual landing time. Under no circumstance we can guarantee that the driver can arrive before said time as they may likely have a prior service.

If the flight is delayed, the real landing time will be considered as the time of arrival.

In case of not finding the driver, missing the flight, being held by immigration or any other circumstance that delays the exit from the airport, the client agrees to notify the driver via WhatsApp or, alternatively, the Operador via the emergency phone number or email. Both the service provider and driver's contact details will be sent to the client the day before the journey.

If the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours with respect to the scheduled landing time, the service will be cancelled due to client's no show. In such case, the client is advised to exercise their air passenger rights and request a compensation from their airline or travel insurance.

9. Other pick up locations

The driver will wait for the client at the door of the address indicated in the booking. If the pick up location is a hotel, the driver will enter the lobby, provided he can park his vehicle safely.

The driver will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes, free of charge. After this period, a waiting surcharge will apply. If no notice is received from the client after 30 minutes from the scheduled pick up time, the service will cancelled due to client's no-show.

In case of not finding the driver, the client agrees to notify the driver via WhatsApp or, alternatively, the Operador via the emergency phone number or email. Both the service provider and driver's contact details will be sent to the client the day before the journey.

As a general rule, for transfers to airports, it is advised to book the pick up for at least three hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. It should be noted that this recommendation and the travel times estimated on our website are provided for reference purposes only and do not create any contractual obligations. These time estimates do not take into account traffic, weather conditions, alternative routes taken by the drivers or any other events that may cause delays.

Neither anglotransfers nor the service provider is to be held responsible for the loss of any flight. The client is the only responsible and the one who must request the pick up service with enough time.

10. Booking modifications

Bookings can be changed or modified free of charge via my bookings up to 24 hours before the trip.

Changes made with less than 24 hour notice cannot be guaranteed and require direct contact with the driver or the service provider for prior validation.

The changes requested will only be considered effective once confirmed by email from anglotransfers.

No changes will be accpeted with less than 12 hours notice.

In rare occasions and depending on the availability, the service provider might require to substitute the vehicle selected by the client. If the change results in a downgrade for which a lower rate is available, the price difference will be refunded. In the event that the vehicle is upgraded to a higher category, this will not imply any change in the rate for the client.

11. Cancellations

Bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the trip for a full refund.

Cancellation requests must be made by email or via my bookings and will only be considered effective when an email confirmation of the cancellation has been received from anglotransfers.

If the booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a £15 cancellation fee will be applied and the remaining amount paid refunded.

If the booking is cancelled with less than 12 hours notice, no refund will be given.

If the client is absent or does not show up at the time of booking without notice, the booking will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

In the unlikely event that the service provider assigned fails to meet the contract with the client and the driver does not show up without notice, anglotransfers will refund the client the full amount paid for the service not rendered and compensate them for an amount equal to the price difference between the service booked with anglotransfers and the price of an alternative transportation service used to reach the destination (upon presentation of the corresponding ticket or invoice by the client and provided that the difference is positive).

12. Children and infants

Minors, children and infants occupy a seat just like adults. It is illegal to travel with more people than allowed in a vehicle.

In the United Kingdom, children are permitted to travel without child restraint systems as long as they are seated in the rear seats and the driver holds a private driver's license. If the child is over three years old, he or she must also wear a seat belt.

In spite of this, we are able to provide one booster seat per vehicle free of charge, subject to availability, upon request by the customer at the time of booking. If the service provider is unable to provide the booster seat, the client will be notified the day before the trip and will be allowed to cancel the service without penalty.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the child restraint system provided is correctly fitted and adjusted. Neither anglotransfers nor the service provider will be liable for any incidents resulting from the non-use, misuse, or incorrect installation of the child restraint system. It is the full responsibility of the minor's guardian to ensure that the child restraint system is correctly installed and used.

If the client wishes to travel with their own child or booster seat, they must inform anglotransfers at the time of booking to ensure that the assigned vehicle is compatible with the child restraint system.

We do not have nor offer baby seats and other restraint systems apart from booster seats.

13. Language

All communications with anglotransfers, the service provider or the driver through any channel will always be in English.

14. Cleaning

The service provider agrees to keep their vehicles clean and in optimal conditions so that clients can enjoy a comfortable and safe trip.

Clients will be deemed responsible for any damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle beyond what is considered normal wear and tear or cleanliness, such as vomiting or soiling with food and drink.

In the unlikely event that service provider has to carry out professional cleaning or repair of a vehicle due to damage caused by a client, anglotransfers reserves the right to charge the client a cleaning surcharge on behalf of the service provider to compensate for the costs of such services.

15. Luggage

Clients can bring as much luggage as will fit in the trunk of the selected vehicle free of charge.

The trunk volume limitations for each vehicle category are indicated during the booking process.

There is no extra charge for bulky items, such as strollers, bicycles, musical instruments, wheelchairs or golf clubs. The only condition is that the client must book a vehicle with a big enough trunk to accommodate all the belongings.

Clients are advised to inform at the time of booking of all the luggage they are travelling with so that we can verify that the vehicle selected fits their needs.

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to travel with luggage in the passenger compartment of the vehicles. Only small bags or backpacks that fit on the footrests of the passenger seats are permitted.

If the client shows up with more luggage than can fit in the selected vehicle without prior notice, the service provider cannot guarantee the provision of the service. In such cases the service will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

The client guarantees that their luggage will not contain any items that violate the laws of the country where the service is being provided.

The client is responsible for ensuring that all personal belongings are removed from the vehicle at the end of the service. anglotransfers and the service provider will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in the vehicle.

16. Surcharges

Additional charges, or surcharges, may apply in certain situations as outlined in these terms and conditions.

Parking surcharge:

Waiting surcharge:

Cleaning surcharge:

Intermediate stop surcharge:

Additional distance surcharge:

If client incurs in parking or waiting surcharges, they must be paid directly to the driver at the time of occurrence.

17. Service provider

All anglotransfers services in London are provided by Iberia Cars 24 LTD with registered office at 65a Station Road, Edgware, HA8 7HX and operator license number 9588.

18. Right of admission

The service provider reserves the right to refuse service to any passenger who, in the driver's opinion, is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that impair their judgment, and to those whose behavior is deemed hazardous to the driver, the vehicle, third parties, or themselves.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers smoking and the consumption of food, alcohol, drugs or other substances is strictly prohibited during the trip.

19. Liability

The service provider is committed to taking necessary precautions to ensure that both the clients and their luggage remain undamaged during transportation, assuming such responsibility with its own or subcontracted means and guaranteeing, in any case, the punctuality and quality in the services, as well as the cleanliness and maintenance of the vehicle used.

The customer agrees to comply with each and every one of these clauses and agrees that failure to comply with any of them will result in the termination of the service by the service provider without the need for notice. In such a situation, the client will be responsible for fulfilling all obligations agreed upon in these terms and conditions.

If either anglotransfers or the service provider breaches any of these clauses, the client will be indemnified for any damages or losses that directly result from the breach or negligence, up to the total amount paid for the booking. If the client incurs additional expenses, they should be claimed to their travel insurance, which the client declares to have taken out before their trip.

However, neither anglotransfers nor the service provider shall be liable for any damages caused to the client if the fulfillment of their obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by a force majeure event or any circumstance beyond their control. This includes situations such as adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, terrorism, sporting or other events, roadblocks, delays, police checkpoints, or strikes, among others.

Additionally, neither anglotransfers nor the service provider shall be liable for any damages resulting from the client's negligence or breach of contract. The client is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and for taking into account and taking the necessary precautions in case of incidents caused by uncontrollable events, force majeure, or any other circumstance may take place.

The service provider is covered by liability insurance that will provide coverage for damages to the client, their luggage or third parties in case of negligence or fault during the service.

Furthermore, the service provider assures that they comply with all current regulations, as well as having all the necessary licenses, permits and insurance policies to carry out the activity and that all vehicles and drivers made available to clients adhere to current regulations on passenger insurance, traffic and civil liability, transport and labor, and Social Security. If the client has any doubts on these matters, they can verify them directly with the driver.

iberotransfers acts merely as an intermediary between the client and the service provider and will assume no responsibility nor will be considered liable, under any circumstance, for any direct or indirect damages caused to the client due to negligence or breach of these conditions by the service provider or for any incident or problem arising during the provision of the service.

20. Complaints, disputes and claims

If the service provided by the driver does not meet the client's expectations, the client must communicate this immediately, preferably at the time of the incident, to the service provider via the emergency contacts. This will allow to mediate or intervene and try to remedy the problem in a timely manner.

If the incident cannot be corrected at the time, or if the client wishes to make a complaint or claim once the service is finished, the client must contact anglotransfers and provide all relevant evidence to prove the facts occurred. Within 48 hours, anglotransfers will investigate the matter and act as a mediator between the client and the service provider. anglotransfers will compensate the affected party appropriately at its reasonable discretion.

For a formal claim, complaint,or legal recourse, the client should address it to the service provider, whose contact details are shown above.

If the service provder is not considered responsible for the incident, anglotransfers has complaint forms available for clients.

21. Intellectual property rights

All copyrights, trademark, trade name, content, design, source code and other intellectual and industrial property rights related to the contents published on this website are owned by anglotransfers and are protected by national and international legislation on intellectual property.

The reproduction, transmission, or distribution, in whole or in part, of any of the contents of this website, in any medium or by any technical means, without the express written authorization of anglotransfers is strictly prohibited.

Any unauthorized use of the protected contents will be considered a serious violation of intellectual property laws and will result in legal liability to the fullest extent permitted by law.

22. Privacy policy

In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, iberotransfers has implemented all security measures, technical and organizational, to ensure and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data entered.

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23. Cookies policy

We collect information about the use of our website through a Google Analytics cookie. The information generated by the cookie is transmitted to and stored by Google on its servers in the United States.

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24. Updates

anglotransfers reserves the right to update or make any changes to these terms and conditions as it deems appropriate, prior notice to clients who may be affected by the changes.

The modifications will be valid from the date of publication on the web.

25. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid.

All clauses and stipulations of these terms and conditions shall be interpreted independently and autonomously. The nullity or invalidity of any clause or stipulation in these terms and conditions, if declared by a court judgment or final arbitration resolution, shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining clauses or stipulations.

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