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Vehicles and luggage

1. What kind of vehicles do you have? 

We have standard cars for 4 passengers, MPVs for 5 passengers, and vans for 8 passengers, as well as executive, VIP, and premium vehicles. The driver does not count as a passenger.

2. Why can't I carry checked bags in an MPV when 5 people are travelling? 

Easy answer - the additional seats in an MPV are located in the trunk, so when more than 4 passengers are travelling, these seats have to be unfolded which limits the lugggage space considerably.

A maximum of 5 small cabin bags are allowed in an MPV when 5 passengers are travelling.

If you are 5 passengers and travelling with extra luggage, you must book a van.

3. What if we are a group of more than 8 people? 

We accept bookings for groups of up to 16 people. Just indicate it when making the booking and the system will assign the necessary number of vehicles for you. If more than 16 people, multiple bookings must be made.

4. We are traveling with children and/or babies. Do you have approved car seats? 

In the UK, the law allows children to travel without car seats in vehicles with professional drivers as long as they are seated in the back seats. Children over 3 years old must also wear a seatbelt.

For our company, safety is our top priority, so although not required by law, we are able to offer a free booster seat per vehicle if requested at the time of booking and available.

In the unlikely event that we can't provide the requested booster seat, the driver will inform you the day before the trip, and you can cancel the service without any penalty if not satisfied.

We do not have baby seats.

5. Can I carry my child in my arms so they don't take up a seat? 

No. Babies and children take up a seat just like adults. It's illegal to travel with more people than allowed in a vehicle.

6. Is there any luggage limitation? 

Luggage is limited by the size of the trunk. We will carry everything that fits without any additional cost.

When booking you can see the amount of luggage that fits in each type of vehicle for orientation, but if you have any doubts, please contact us before booking.

7. Can I travel with my pet? 

Yes, as long as it is in a pet carrier and it is not an airport pick up. You must inform us of this at the time of booking and request an appropiate size vehicle.

Unfortunately, we do not offer pick up services at airports when travelling with pets, as they have to through very strict tests in adjacent buildings - which can take over 3 hours - and complicate the pick ups considerably.

8. Can I travel with a wheelchair? 

We still do not have adapted vehicles, but if you can sit in a conventional seat of the vehicle (either alone or with the help of other passengers and/or driver) and you do not mind folding your wheelchair and placing it in the trunk, there is no problem with us.

What we do ask though is that you let us know at the time of booking and that you select a vehicle with a big enough trunk to fit your folded wheelchair plus any additional luggage you are travelling with.